What is the Trainee Program and how does it work?

 What is the Trainee Program and how does it work?

Trainee Program
 What is the Trainee Program and how does it work?

A successful career is the desire of many young people who have just graduated or are still graduating. The best way to enter the job market and get a quick career is through the trainee program - from English language training, trainee person, which fills the gap between promising young people and positions in large companies.

With a high wage (about R$5,000) and extensive experience and the possibility of developing a professional plan, the program is increasingly attracting young people, who, by becoming trainees, will participate in the extensive development of the technical and behavioral characteristics and indispensable networks acquired during the program.

What is the Trainee Program and how does it work?

How to subscribe to the Trainee Program?

The selection process to enter the trainee program may vary from company to company. In general, this is done in four stages: online (with knowledge and language tests), group dynamics, business panel, and final interview. The goal is to recruit, develop and retain professionals with outstanding management abilities, to take strategic positions in the future.

The profile required for the trainee's program is usually a young graduate of a good educational institution, who has mastered at least one language (in addition to English) and has received good training courses. Training lasts on average from 12 to 24 months, with the possibility of extension.

How do you choose the best trainee program?

With a large number of options, some candidates are lost when choosing a company and registering for many selection processes, ultimately reducing their chances of getting approval. Therefore, the ideal option is to search for companies and analyze the company that suits your professional profile. Knowing which company you want to join can count the number of points, especially when it comes to answering questions related to the company.

Alumni Grants

Graduate courses focusing on training professionals to work in the labour market are more comprehensive. In the case of academic courses in the strict sense of the word, training focuses on research and teaching. The post-lato sensu includes MBA and specialty courses.