Unemployment insurance

  Unemployment insurance

  Unemployment insurance

Unemployment Insurance is a state-run insurance program designed to partially replace lost wages when you are unemployed. Like fire and accident insurance, health insurance and other types of insurance, it is intended for emergencies: when you are temporarily or permanently unemployed, or if you are working less than full-time due to lack of work.

The program ensures that if eligibility requirements are met by the law, you will receive some income while looking for a job, up to a maximum of 26 weeks in a one-year period, depending on the time of the claim established. However, unemployment insurance cannot protect you and does not protect you from losing wages while you are absent from work due to illness or when you are unemployed by choice.

Deposit reminder:

If you would like to send additional documents to IDES regarding filing a regular unemployment claim, go to the regular unemployment documentation download portal. To use this feature, you must have already created a plaintiff ID, but you don't need to create an online account. If you have documents to download PUA, go to the PUA website.

You will be asked to sign in, which requires you to create a username and password online. Make sure that all necessary information is ready when submitting your application. Instructions are also available if you apply for unemployment insurance and live outside the state.

Who can use this service?

Official workers who have been forcibly dismissed (for no reason) and who:

a) They do not have enough income to support them and their families.

b) Salaries received from a legal entity or equivalent individual related to:

· At least 12 months in the last 18 months just before the dismissal date, the time of the first application;

· At least 9 months in the last 12 months just before the dismissal date at the time of the second application;

· Each of the six months immediately preceding the rejection date, when further applications are made

c) They do not receive any social security benefit with continued provision, except for accident assistance, supplementary assistance and stay-at-service allowance.

Steps to implement this service

Applying for unemployment insurance

You must apply using one of the methods listed below.


Joint documentation of all cases

You must own:

- Unemployment insurance application policy (you receive this document from the employer when released without reason)

- CPF No.

Supply channels


Service Portal

Mobile application:

Using an Internet-connected mobile phone with the Digital Work Card app:


IOS version

Email address:

Corporate emails from regional business supervisory bodies.

(uf) @ Economia.gov.br .

In each unit of the union, you just change the uf label to the corresponding shortcut. In São Paulo, for example, email is

[email protected]



Phone 158

Monitoring the release of unemployment insurance

You can follow your benefit version through the gov.br portal or through the Digital Work Portfolio app. It is possible to check the amount and number of installments, as well as the dates of issuance of benefits.

Supply channels

Mobile application:

Digital Workbook app: Android or IOS



Step duration

Instant service

Getting unemployment insurance

The worker is entitled to the value of his expulsion every thirty days, if the criteria set out in the law are met.

Supply channels


The receipt can be made:

a) By depositing into a simplified or savings account in Kaixa

b) In Caixa branches with civil id, business card and unemployment insurance

c) In self-service stations, lotteries and shops carrying citizen's card

Estimated readiness time: up to 30 minutes (minutes)

How long does it take?

Between 31 and 60 calendar days is the estimated time to provide this service.

This service is free of charge to the citizen.

For more information or questions about this service, please contact

If there is a complaint, complaint or suggestion, please contact him through the call centre at 158.