There is a huge lack of scrutiny for the president of the Republic

There is a huge lack of scrutiny for the president of the Republic

Commentator recalls that "the number of hostile news about the President of the Republic can be counted by the fingers of a hand".

president of the Republic
There is a huge lack of scrutiny for the president of the Republic

In a kind of recreation of the program, Pacheco Pereira considered that Marcelo will be "the last beloved politician" and that he is "a man with immense political experience and who was not born on election day".

In the opinion of the former vice-president of the PSD, this is "a very nice book", but to debate the President of the Republic are necessary "less sympathetic books". That sympathy, he continued, is visible in the fact that "on the fourth or fifth page comes soon with the President of affections".

But this "was not Marcelo's image when he came to the presidency," Pacheco Pereira said, adding that the head of state "was a cynical politician for 30 years."

Despite this, Pacheco Pereira said he believes Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa "will be re-elected" in the 2021 presidential elections.

"I don't mean to say bad," said the commentator, to which the panelist and adviser to Are António Lobo Xavier replied: "but he is getting it", which provoked a laugh in the room.

Lobo Xavier came out in defense of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa regarding his genuineness in relation to affections, noting that "the agenda [of the PR] is incompatible with a person who does not like others, who does not care about others".

In the councillor's opinion, this "book is not just about nice things, it deals with things that have not been dealt with sufficiently".

For António Lobo Xavier, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has "enormous power and enormous influence", and may even be "the President with more power in Portuguese political life", when compared to his predecessors.

Also the former minister Jorge Coelho was in the presentation of the book by Felisbela Lopes and Leonete Botelho.

The former minister confided that he did not vote for Marcelo but that, "under the current circumstances", he will support him if he re-runs in the next elections.

"I think he is being an extraordinary President of the Republic," he said, not without warning that this image of "President of affections" can tire citizens.

For Jorge Coelho, there is an "expectation created by him of problem solving, solving people's lives" when "this is not in the hands" of the head of state.

Before giving the floor to the three speakers, and also to Carlos Andrade, who moderated the debate, the authors noted that this book, which began to be written in the summer of 2016, aimed to make an analysis of the first three years of the mandate, with "some distancing".

"We didn't mean to do a biography," said Felisbela Lopes, thus justifying why they did not interview the President himself.

Leonete Botelho stressed that the authors were "mainly spectators and analysts".