Scams seem crazy (but they exist) for car insurance

Scams seem crazy (but they exist) for car insurance

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Scams seem crazy (but they exist) for car insurance

Car insurance frauds have existed since the service was established. Their presence will continue for many years to come. But, there are people who take it seriously until they end up creating very silly situations. Learn about some stories.

Stories about car insurance fraud are common.

After all, there is always someone in a complicated financial situation, or just decides to take advantage of this service.

This practice, in addition to being criminal, can have serious consequences and has shown that people are becoming more creative and daring.

There are some stories of car insurance frauds that are too ridiculous to believe.

Follow us and get to know each other.

Discover 7 silly car insurance scam stories

Here are some stories about car insurance fraudthat looks so crazy:

1. Lego Ferrari

Once upon a time, the entrepreneur, who owns some car workshops, decided to be affected by insurance.

He bought a Ferrari F430, and after using the car for a few months, he dismantled the entire car, sold all parts, and operated the insurance claiming it had been stolen.

The scam worked so well that he repeated it, bought another Ferrari with compensation money and did the same thing again.

The mechanic, who locked Ferrari cars like Lego games, was only revealed in the fourth attempt to defraud the car lock.

2. Car cemetery in the courtyard

A miner, interested in getting insurance, decided to bury his Fiat Uno 2000 in the backyard of his home.

He solved it and did it, then he called the insurance company and said it was stolen.

Unfortunately, a witness saw him burying his car in his backyard and calling the police.

As if that wasn't enough, the gravedigger still tells different stories to the insurance company and the police.

3. Large imaginary stone

Vehicle insurance does not cover damages resulting from vehicle negligence.

But this was no reason to prevent the owner of a Chevrolet Classic from attempting to defraud the insurance.

The driver in question stopped changing the oil and ended up integrating the engine.

That was when he decided to dig in the trunk of the car and claimed to have passed over a big rock on the road.

What he didn't know was that insurance would send someone home, and that he would talk to all the neighbors and find out the truth.

4. Butterfly Door Car

A head-to-head collision with a pole and the allegation of involvement in a collision with another vehicle are one of the most common frauds.

This is exactly what the owner of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class did, with the intention of putting his hand on the compensation for the full loss.

What he didn't realize was that insurance investigators would find a cocoon with a butterfly larva in the car exhaust.

After consulting an insect specialist, they found that the butterfly was alive inside the cocoon.

This will never be possible if the car is moving and hitting another.

This led the insurance expert to conclude that Mercedes had not been operating for at least two months.

5. Golden Hammer

With the intention of promoting a coup, the owner of the BMW 330i decided to launch the car from the raunchy.

The big problem is that the car didn't work as expected with the bottom shelf flip.

To solve this problem, he took a heavy hammer and began to hit the car.

What he didn't expect was that experts easily discovered that it was a scam.

After all, the marks on the car were not compatible with the reported accident.

6. Acrobat Coup

More and more car insurance frauds are becoming bolder, and the evidence of this is the fraud known as "professional recycling".

That is, when an experienced driver takes the direction of the car and makes it roll on purpose.

This blow occurred frequently in the precise curve of the Régis Bittencourt highway (responsible for connecting Curitiba to São Paulo), where it is possible to calculate the speed and cause the car to overturn, and manage a complete loss of the car, without harming the driver.

7. Little scientific knowledge

The owner of the Volkswagen Tour 2000 was struggling to finish paying the car's premiums and decided to set her car on fire and demand an accidental fire.

What you didn't expect was that she would burn during the strike.

In order not to have doubts, I decided to tell the story afterwards that a malicious boy would have burned his car and then burned his legs with acid.

The big problem is that she didn't expect that just a forensic examination would be enough to prove that the burns in her legs were caused by a fire and not because of acid.

How to defraud insurance?

If you are looking for how to defraud insurance, be aware that there are many ways, but none of them have been referred to.

Simple "lies", such as the omission of an additional driver, and changing the social status of single to married, by saying that he has a closed garage when he already leaves his car all night on the street and things like that.

Another attempt to apply the highly used insurance fraud is car theft fraud so you can get full compensation and then return to trade with the car with the fake plate and the metal body.

It takes little creativity to find a way, no matter how small, to defraud the car insurance.

However, this is not a highly recommended idea.

After all, this type of situation can be punished even by detention.

Fraud insurance is a crime.

The most common tricks for car insurance

So far, we've given you silly situations where users have tried to defraud your insurance.

But what are the most common car insurance frauds?

After all, not all of them look like a movie story.

Our advice is: Avoid all the frauds that we will include below.

In fact, any scam you can imagine.

Many consumers think they are smarter than insurance companies.

But the company has expert specialists in the detection of irregularities in the prosecution.

If you try to take advantage of the insurance company, you will suffer losses and a lot of headaches.

The heart of responsibility

When recording an accident, it is necessary to determine who caused the accident.

This is because if the other driver is responsible, he or his insurance company must pay compensation.

This is the norm in most insurance companies.

Therefore, even if you have insurance, the other person responsible for the accident must pay damages.

However, the victim of the accident may have no insurance.

So you and he agree to take the blame.

In this way, your insurance company will pay your losses and third party losses, if the insurance includes civil liability coverage.

Believe me, a lot of people do that.

But these people don't realize that the practice of reversing guilt is a crime.

So, the advice is to bear the blame only if you are really responsible for the damage.

If not, ask the recipient of the damage to pay for the damage.

If the driver refuses to pay for the loss, or flees the scene, you can sue your insurance company.

But explain the situation that you did not cause the accident.

By recording the police report, you will be able to prove the case.

After that, you or the insurance company, in court, can collect the damages caused by the offender.

Trading and zip code overnight

This is a common fraud when it comes to insurance.

If you tell your insurance company that you have a place to park your car, you will understand that the car is less likely to be stolen or stolen.

After that, the company will charge you a little lower fees for your insurance.

The same applies when you report that you live in an area with little record of accidents.

But if this information is wrong, you will face a big problem.

After the claim, the insurance company will verify the data you have provided.

If she is wrong, she will refuse her compensation and may continue to file a lawsuit.

The result will be the same for any misinformation provided.

Such as your social status, car drivers, type of car use, changes by the car, etc.

Request unrelated repairs

When it comes to requesting repair of the car, many people refer to the damage that was not the result of that accident.

For example: your car already has a dent in the back, but you indicate that damage as a result of the collision you suffered.

This may sound like something innocent.

The car will already be repaired, what is the problem with another repair?

But lying about the damage caused by the accident characterizes fraud.

This can cause all coverage and lawsuits to be rejected.

Agreement with workshops

Drivers are still making arrangements with the workshop to receive part of the repair fee.

That is, the workshop will cost more than usual for repairs.

After that, the additional amount paid by the insurance company will be divided between the user and the owner of the workshop.

In addition to the great fraud, this is morally questionable. Completely.

Don't be fooled into believing that the insurance company will be involved in the fraud.

It is normal for companies to request quotes from many workshops before approving the reform.

Many even have accredited workshops.

If the values are completely different from normal values, the insurance company will understand easily.
Omission/lie about claim information
Deleting the claim information is another common fraud attempt.
How do you say you were the only one in the car, when you had five other passengers;
To provide compensation, the insurance company needs to know what has already happened.
Failure to report this correctly may cause problems.
The driver of the car at the time of the accident
It is very important that the car is driven only by the drivers referred to in the policy.
Yes, you can lend the car to a friend or family member.
But that must be intermittent.
If it is repetitive, the individual must appear as a secondary driver in the policy of insurance.
In any case, it is necessary for the driver to always be qualified to drive.
A person who raises a suit without CNH or under the influence of alcohol can bring many problems.
With this in place, some documentholders change drivers after an accident.
For example: after an accident, the person who does not have CNH leaves the driver's seat and goes to the passenger seat.
In the event of such a situation and the insurance company's knowledge, the insured's compensation will be denied.
After all, the exchange of drivers will distinguish fraud, like the other cases we mention here.
Car theft
The most common car insurance scams also include car theft.
That is, when the insured falsifies the theft to obtain insurance compensation.
Fraud can also occur if the individual facilitates theft, leaving the car windows open, for example.
Or also with the sale of the car for chopping, trying to get compensation later.
What are the penalties for car insurance fraud?
Although it is an expected crime under the Brazilian Penal Code, fraud is a recurring problem in Brazil in many sectors, including the insurance world.
It is common to see people suffering from serious illnesses, at the final stage trying to get life insurance, or even people lying, no matter how small, to get discounts on car insurance.
Many people are discovered daily to cheat car insurance.
It is no coincidence that this practice leads to millions in losses to insurance companies each year, as the report shows.
Most of these people cheat on car insurance without even knowing that the least consequence, if arrested, is the loss of the right to contracted coverage without any refund of the funds already paid.
In the worst-case scenario, this "minor offence" can be punished with between one and five years in prison.
But, after all, why are these small scams considered criminal?
The answer is simple: when the customer gets insurance on the car, he always obliges himself to act in good faith.
In other words, everything he says is considered to be true, as stipulated in article 765 of the Civil Code.
Acting in a malicious manner, i.e. in bad faith, directly contradicts this article, as also described in the Civil Code, in article 766.
The penalties for those who violate these articles are mentioned in article 171.
Why are some people trying to cheat on car insurance?
There are people who claim to need the service, but they don't have enough money to afford the real value of the coverage required.
There are those who say that it was acceptable to say that he was married, when in fact he was not, just to get a discount.
There are still bolder people who are trying to strike harder in order to get full compensation, just to make a profit.
Regardless of the reason, the only answer to this question is lack of information.
Many people have no idea how much trouble they can achieve by trying to cheat on car insurance and end up being tempted and throwing a little lie or two or more to get a better price or cohabitation.
As you can see, there are many silly stories about car insurance fraud, but they are all so ridiculous that they are hard to believe.
But although some of them are quite comical, it is important to remember that applying car insurance fraud is a crime and is subject to arrest.