Products and services for justice workers

 Products and services for justice workers

 Products and services for justice workers

If you are a worker in the justice sector, banco Santander has a series of services tailored to you, whether you are practicing your profession alone or as an employee.

Judges, prosecutors, justice department lawyers, forensic doctors, officials, lawyers, lawyers, social graduates, justice writers or registrars are some of the personal files that have access to these specially selected products and services.

Account of justice. A transaction screening account that allows you to obtain debit and credit cards 1;

This account has no maintenance or management fees, no transfers or cheque deposits in euros.

Funding 2. We help you with your expenses and projects.

Mortgage. Santander Justicia has an exclusive mortgage offer for either your home, your second place of residence or even repairs in your professional office.

Consuming. You have a maximum of €100,000 to finance your purchases.

The association's loan. Loan so you can pay tuition.

Salary advance 6 × 6. If you have a home salary scale, you can get a down payment of up to six monthly payments up to a maximum of €12,000. In addition, you have a 36-month period to return and you will not have a monthly fee in the first six months.

Cards manage your accounts using Santander cards.

Discount 4B from MasterCard. A card that allows you to withdraw cash on the discount from any Santander ATM at no cost. It does not have a issuance commission or maintenance. It has an operations alert service based on the amount you select through a free SMS message. Accident insurance includes 2 up to 120,000 euros.

Select Global Debit. A card with no issuance or maintenance fees through which you can make cash withdrawals for discounts from any Banco Santander ATM at no cost. Includes travel and accident insurance 3 and free SMS alert service.

The Golden Trust. A credit card that provides complete flexibility in your payments without issuance fees or maintenance. Includes travel and accident insurance 4 and free SMS alert service.

Secure protect yourself day after day and for you.

Home insurance. Cover against damage to your home.

Life insurance. Your family is the most important, we help you protect it from unexpected events.

Health insurance. Make sure you are well-being and that of your loved ones.

Do your judicial operations with Santander.

Santander online banking allows you to conduct a series of daily operations directly. Access customer data and solve some of your professional tasks in a comfortable and flexible way.

A judicial charge. Make payments to the public administration where and when you want.

Judicial records accounts. Enter the data and get the information you need.

In addition, as a Client at Banco Santander and a justice worker, you will have at your disposal a series of special services and benefits for you and your family.

Remote access to file accounts.

Buy low-priced homes in Altamira, Alicia and Casactua. You can get special discounts on properties owned by Santander Group, both for new and used construction. Benefits to your spouse and family:

Benefits for your wife and family.

Scholarship and internship programs in companies for your children.

Preferential funding for your studies.

Check the account and debit card for your children under the age of 25.

Additional free cards for your spouse.

Access to the same preferential financing terms for spouse as a co-owner.