3 areas of expertise for computer network professionals

 3areas of expertise for computer network professionals

network professionals
 3 areas of expertise for computer network professionals

The profession of computer networks has emerged in the labor market, where there is great demand for this professional. In general, people who choose this profession have the main feature of attention, knowledge and ability to deal with technology, to find solutions and apply them creatively.

With the spread of the Internet, which has become an indispensable part of the routine of companies around the world, computer networks have become essential. In this scenario, there is a great demand for the job market for professionals specializing in networking and communication, where it is almost impossible to find a home or work that does not depend on internet resources.

Network Professional is primarily responsible for carrying out work that will connect different devices to the Internet, create a network system for storing files, as well as diagnose and resolve issues related to data configuration and security. It is a very promising profession, which can work in different jobs in the labor market.

Check out the three main areas of professional performance in computer networks:

Network manager

This professional is responsible for deploying and monitoring your computer network. It manages servers and data networks in a data center environment, in addition to the ability to work with users and configure the network structure. 

Support Analyst

This professional is responsible for installing and configuring antivirus software, which provides protection against potential hacker attacks. In addition, it works in the creation and maintenance of backup. 

Network Security Analyst

This professional is responsible for developing the design and maintenance of network security, including hardware and server software. Its performance is essential to the company's information security policies to protect the organization's data.

Training in computer networks

To work in any of the above areas, it is necessary to make the upper reaches of T echnology in computer networks, with an average duration of two and a half years. During graduation, the student prepares to combine knowledge about physical structures and software with company problem solving processes.