Lindsey Graham: I want to overlook the fact that Trump has beaten a few homeless people to death

 Lindsey Graham: I want to overlook the fact that Trump has beaten a few homeless people to death

Lindsey Graham: I want to overlook the fact that Trump has beaten a few homeless people to death

 Lindsey Graham: I want to overlook the fact that Trump has beaten a few homeless people to death

There's something about Trump, there's a dark side, and there's some magic out there. What I'm trying to do is just harness magic."

 People oppress us and fail. Friends and family do disappointing things. But if there is respect and love there, and ownership of one's mistakes, it should not be the end of a relationship. On the other hand, if someone does something abhorrent and unforgivable, it is likely that you will cut him off from your life. Like, let's say they've shown over and over again that they're horrible racists and unsorry. Or they locked young children in cages. Or they encouraged violent crowds to overthrow the U.S. government, causing a rebellion that killed five people. For most people, this will be something they might click on! Especially if the person who caused the rebellion continues to insist that he has done nothing wrong, in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary! Lindsey Graham though, the not like most people, that's why he seems willing to overlook the fact that Donald Trump is a ruthless monster.

In an interview with Axios on HBO, Graham told Jonathan Swan: "Donald Trump was my friend before the riots and I'm trying to maintain a relationship with him after the riots. I still consider him a friend. What happened was a dark day in American history and we'll move on, so here's what you need to know about me... I want this to continue. I want to continue with policies that I think will make America strong. I think the best way for the Republican Party to do that is with Trump and not without Trump." 

Pressed by Swan over the fact that Graham won re-election against Jaime Harrison last fall and could sever ties with Trump if he wanted to, the South Carolina senator offered the odd response that it would be "very easy" to say to Trump, "It's over, it's over." Instead, according to Graham, the hardest but correct thing is to continue to hopelessly devote his efforts to a dangerous paranoid sending his supporters to attack the Capitol. "The hard thing is to make a move that I think is good for the country. Try to get a movement leader who faces a lot of problems facing him and his party and see if we can make it happen," said Graham, who seemed like someone who justified staying with the person who abused him. There's something about Trump, there's a dark side, and there's some magic out there. What I'm trying to do is just harness magic. To me, Donald Trump is a sort of hybrid between Jesse Helms, Ronald Reagan, and P.T. Barnum. It's just a bigger deal than life. He can make the Republican Party something that no one else I know can do. He can make it bigger. He can make it stronger. It can make it more diverse. It can also destroy them."

Of course, this isn't the first time Graham has defended his unwavering loyalty to Trump despite Trump being a total lycee. In 2019, Graham told Bloomberg literally that while he didn't like the fact that the then president repeatedly and brutally slandered his dead friend, the late Senator John McCain, he was willing to overlook it because they had a great time beating up his late friend John McCain. connects together. "I don't like what he says about John McCain," Graham said. "But when we play golf, it's fun." (Several weeks later, Trump noted that McCain was rotten in hell for voting against repealing the Affordable Care Act.)

Meanwhile, it's interesting that Graham claims that he's still Trump's best friend for the party's sake, when Trump is there telling the Republican Party that he can't use his name to raise money. In Politico:

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump sent letters Friday to the three largest Republican fundraising entities -- the Federal National Council, the National Security Council, and the National Security Council -- to use his name and likeness in emails and fundraising goods, says a Trump adviser. Operating book.

"President Trump remains committed to the Republican Party and electing conservatives in America first, but that doesn't give anyone -- a friend or an enemy -- permission to use his image without explicit consent," said one Trump adviser.

Every part of that must be Trump's "magic."

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White House press secretary praises Megan and Harry for speaking out about mental health problems

The President will not turn the Queen the next time he is in London, though:

During the two-hour interview on Sunday night, Megan revealed that she suffered suicidal thoughts during her time in the royal family. "For anyone to come forward and talk about their struggles with mental health and tell their own story, it requires courage," Psaki said. Psaki said the Biden administration will not comment more on the lives of "ordinary citizens who share their stories and struggles."

She added: "We have a strong and stable relationship with the British people and a special partnership with the UK government on a range of issues, and this will continue to be the case."

No one seems to have asked Barack Obama to take the picture on the interview, although it would be assumed a similarly neutral analysis given his feelings for both Harry and Izzie Windsor.

Canon Shaman will not be released from prison after he indicated that he did not break into the Capitol building, but was an invited guest.

Acting like a violent rebellion seemed not to be a big deal that didn't help his cause either. For every Politico:

The decision of Jacob Chanceley, a follower of the QAnon conspiracy theorist, to speak to 60 Minutes+ on CBS and other media appears to have backfired, with U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth saying Chanceley's remarks confirmed his continuing seriousness. Lamberth repeatedly cited Chanceley's comments on the 60 Minutes+ program - as well as his mother's - as evidence that he should not be released. "The defendant's statements after January 6 indicate that he does not fully appreciate the seriousness of the charges against him," Lamperth wrote in a 32-page opinion. "If the defendant does not understand the seriousness of the allegations against him, the court finds no reason to believe that he will not commit the same or similar proceedings again."

Chanceley's lawyer, Al Watkins, sought to portray an eccentric Arizona man as a harmless figure who was under the slavery of former President Donald Trump, but has now accepted the results of last November's election. However, Lamperth said that Chanceley appears to remain loyal to Trump and that this loyalty has made the defendant more likely to commit other crimes. The judge also said that Chanceley "blatantly lied" in the interview, arguing that police officers welcomed him to the Capitol when evidence proved otherwise - and appears to have violated officers' orders as soon as he entered.

Last month, a judge ordered Chanceley to provide him with organic food after the hooligan claimed that inorganic food was against his belief system, shamanism.

Trump lost the 2020 election for 9,285,622,341

For a man physiologically unable to admit defeat, he certainly put himself in a position where he was told he had lost to Biden over and over again. According to Bloomberg:

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to consider former President Donald Trump's appeal to wisconsin's presidential election results, rejecting another remaining appeal sought to overturn Joe Biden's victory. The rejection came without comment or publication of opposition. This follows the court's February 22 rejection of a series of appeals that sought to reverse Biden's victory in Wisconsin and four other states.

For those of you who stay at home, Trump and his allies have filed more than 40 election lawsuits and have not won any of them.

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