Harvard University offers $30,000 scholarship on political issues

 Harvard University offers $30,000 scholarship on political issues

Harvard University

 Harvard University offers $30,000 scholarship on political issues

The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University is receiving applications from journalists, politicians and academics for the Joan Schornstein Scholarship Program until March 1. Interested parties should have research on political or policy issues.

Harvard university points out that the authenticity of the research will be a critical factor in the choice. In addition, candidates must prove fluency in English through tests, such as TOEFL or Ielts, and have at least five years of professional experience. Registration can be done by clicking here.

Selected candidates will receive a scholarship of US$30,000 - $163,185.00 in Saudi Riyals. The amount will be paid divided into four monthly installments. At the end of the program, the scholarship student will have to submit an article that analyzes how the media affects policy or public policy in a national or international way.

Because of the epidemic, this year, the whole process will be virtual. During the scholarship, students will receive assistance from Harvard faculty through weekly meetings, as well as discussions with other colleagues. A research assistant student at Harvard Kennedy School can also be selected by colleagues to help with projects.

Other opportunities

In addition to scholarship programs, Harvard also has an online platform that offers free courses. Interested people can access the HarvardX website and check a list of more than 100 courses. However, in some, the student may pay a fee to obtain a certificate of completion from the university.

HarvardX courses are taught in English, but some contain translations in Portuguese, which can help with understanding. To get a better understanding of training, it is ideal to have a mastery of the American language. 

Harvard is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the world, with historic graduates such as John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, all former presidents of the United States.