What are the biggest productivity villains at work?

 What are the biggest productivity villains at work?

What are the biggest productivity villains at work?
 What are the biggest productivity villains at work?

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Do you feel that your productivity at work is short or having trouble managing time? This feeling is part of the reality of many professionals. Productivity management at work is not only about improving the time needed to fulfill your career, but also helping you better manage your personal resources and significantly improve the quality of the service provided.

Thinking about it, we separated the four most common villains of productivity at work, and knew what it takes to get rid of each of them. Payment:


Lack of regulation can affect service progress in different ways. But this is not a rule, where a person can be very organized and can easily be distracted by other things, such as the examples mentioned above. In the same way that there are people who can produce even in the midst of chaos and noise.

Ideal is to maintain an orderly working environment, such as office and drawers. In addition, you use calendars to record meetings and add important reminders. Therefore, it will be easier to produce if the routine is organized, whether in the office or in the home office.

Social media

Easy access to the various social networks currently available, whether by mobile phone or computer, has had a significant impact on productivity at work. In general, access is only aimed at resting your head a little, but you end up wasting long minutes. So, what should be just a relief, becomes a great waste of time and productivity while working.

If you're using your computer at work, just leave windows related to your activities open in your browser. Another tip is to disable notifications from your social networks. This way, you won't feel the need to look at your phone with every new notification.

Side conversations

Focus is essential for most activities that are developed in a work routine. If a person does not pay due attention to it, productivity decreases along with the quality of the results achieved. For this reason, parallel conversations hinder the performance of employees, as they weaken focus, yet they are a waste of time with unproductive things that are not related to the professional activity that is being developed.


In some companies, the supply of activities is greater than the number of employees needed to implement them. In addition, there are cases where a person does not manage his time well and ends up increasing the burden on himself.

Therefore, in order not to affect the results and quality of service, it is necessary to divide jobs well and, if necessary, delegate them. It is also necessary to have some procedures aimed at reducing excess load. Are they:

• Take short breaks.

• Filter only important information.

• Solve one thing at a time.

• Renew your energies through outdoor activities, through exercise, stretching, meditation and more.