Lindsey Graham Reveals Why He Never Married

 Lindsey Graham Reveals Why He Never Married

Lindsey Graham
 Lindsey Graham Reveals Why He Never Married

Lindsey Graham is currently struggling to maintain his Senate seat in South Carolina. While he was recently ahead of his Democratic opponent, Graham's victory was by no means guaranteed (via Blog 538). Part of these hesitant expectations may be due to the fact that Senator Graham is not only single, but he has never married. According to Graham, he had once approached. In a 2015 interview with The Herald, he says he approached once during his time at Ryan's Air Force Base from 1984 to 1988. His lost love was a Lufthansa flight attendant named Sylvia. She was the roommate of a roommate 'who was later married by the same couple).

As for how close they are to actually getting married, we may never know, but Graham has revealed a little about why they don't stay together. Her mother will not stay in Germany. I didn't think she wanted to go back to South Carolina," he describes, explaining that the marriage was not for his audience.

Why didn't he meet anyone else, maybe there's a reason. In both cases, no official statement has ever been issued on the rest to our knowledge.

Being unmarried can be a political flaw.

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But one thing is certain, which is that the lack of a husband can be a flaw in Washington politics. Now, we do not mean that unmarried people are by no means less than those who have contracted their marriage. Politically, we point out the power of networks and campaigns enjoyed by two-for-one. There is a specific political advantage for those with a smart and interactive partner. There is a long history of influential couples in the Senate, from Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison to Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Reagan (via the U.S. Senate). 

The power of intelligent women (or men) to help forge ties in an incredibly complex political arena can only be seen as a benefit to most candidates. Although there is no strict and fast rule against a single representative, there are certainly benefits to a brilliant partnership. Instead, Graham hits the roads on his own.