What is the trial certificate?

 What is the trial certificate?

In addition to allowing citizens to attend trials, there is also the possibility of obtaining a certificate of judicial proceedings, which is essentially regulated by the Basic Law of the Judiciary (LOPJ). This also applies to judicial testimonies.


What is the trial certificate?
 What is the trial certificate?

A certificate of procedure can be defined as a copy of documents that work in judicial records (proceedings, decisions, summaries, etc.). Although this information is in the custody of the court's justice counsel, it is necessary in some cases to possess these documents to carry out some formalities. 


Therefore, users can access and obtain a copy of all non-confidential actions or that may affect constitutional rights, principles and values. 


How do you get a certificate from the court proceedings? 

It must be borne in mind that only parties that have intervened in the process or any other person who demonstrates a legitimate and direct interest have the right to obtain simple copies of the writings and documents that appear in the files. Similarly, they can also apply for certificates or certificates. 


In the specific case of judicial proceedings certificates, a justice attorney acts as a notary to prove that the copy of the document with the original is identical. To record authentication, your signature must appear and seal the court on the copy. 


To obtain a certificate from a document, it is necessary to follow the steps set out by the General Council of the Judiciary regulations on the aspects of judicial proceedings: 


Interested parties must submit a written request to the Secretariat of the Judiciary explaining the documents for which the certificate is required. Similarly, it is also necessary to explain why this request is motivated. 

The administration of justice lawyer must decide within two days on the basis of whether the applicant's interest is sufficiently justified or whether the fundamental rights of certain persons may be affected. 

If so, the required procedure certificate is issued. In the opposite case, a rejection agreement is issued that can be appealed to the judge within three days. Against the decision of the latter, an appeal can be lodged before the government chamber of the corresponding Supreme Court of Justice. 

When is a trial testimony needed? 

There are many cases where you must have a certificate of this type. One occurs when the insurance company has to pay life insurance benefits as a result of an accident. In general, to proceed with guaranteed repayment, beneficiaries must provide:


Certificate of judicial proceedings. 

Security forces report. 

Autopsy report if performed. 

Testimony of the doctor who assisted the insured in the circumstances of the incident that caused the death. 

Any other document that proves death by accident.