Spring Break in Florida

 Spring Break in Florida

The sun, alcohol and debauchery. It's a spring for American students!

 Spring Break in Florida

They're millions every year to invade the beaches of Cancun, Acapulco, Laguna Beach in California or Panami City Beach in Florida: Spring Breakers. Despite its excesses and excesses of all kinds, the American Spring Break is an important moment in student life, a week of everything allowed, a kind of "rite of passage." Get the aspirin ready.

Spring break, what's this?

Spring break is spring break week when millions of American students empty their universities for a week of celebration without borders. In fact, the U.S. school year is divided into two semesters: the first, between August and December, does not offer any vacations, except for public holidays and 2 or 3 days for Thanksgiving. In the meantime, the second semester runs from January to May. There are no holidays either, except for the spring holiday week, which is between February and April (vacation dates vary by state). So, as far as it can be said, American students benefit from it.

Spring Break, full program

For a week, everything is permissible, everything is possible. On the hectic non-stop parties on the beach, alcohol and girls are abundant in bikinis and excesses of all kinds. Hotels and travel agencies have also spotted a vein and proposal to stay with evenings (sex, alcohol, alcohol... Again) Some celebrities sponsor the beer brands event and organize competitions ... In short, everyone does this to make spring break a unique moment in the lives of students.

Spring break and its habits

Among the most famous:

Necklace, neckline: A boy gives a necklace to a girl and shows his last neckline. The winner is ... Her more necklaces around her neck (ah, the spirit of American competition ...)

Wet Shirt Contest

Spring Break King and Queen Contest

And a lot of alcoholism competitions ...

For the little story.

T all about in Fort Lauderdale in 1936, when the first U.S. spring break, where the city hosted the spring, a conference of swimming instructors from Colgate University (New York). After the seminar, relax these gentlemen and ladies with plenty of beach, sun and of course beer.

Two years later, Elbo Room Bar opened its office and the student/beach/alcohol/mixture began to crystallize. Spring break was born. However, in 1985, the National Minimum Drinking Act was passed in the United States and raised the required age for alcohol consumption to 21 years, prompting all the younger ones to go to other countries to make a difference.

Spring, where is it?

There is a good weather, where the sand is warm and beer flows freely (i.e. where the alcohol legislation is quite flexible). Significantly:

In Mexico with Acapulco, Cancun (which includes more than 200 bars), Tijuana

In Puerto Rico and the Bahamas

In California in Laguna Beach

On South Padre Island, Texas.

In Florida, South Beach, Daytona Beach (Destination #1) and the Panhandle, especially in Panama City Beach.

Spring in a few characters

500,000 is the number of students who came to celebrate spring break in northwest Florida, in Panama City Beach.

15 million is the approximate number of spring break each year, who collectively spend nearly a billion dollars.

18, meanwhile, is the number of daily drinks (not only alcohol) per student during spring break, compared to 12 for women.

During this week, 50% of students lost consciousness after drinking alcohol, compared to 35% for women.

1986 is the year of the first live broadcast of Spring Break on MTV.

In 2015, police arrested more than 2,600 students abroad (Mexico in particular) during spring break.

Everyone has their own spring break.

If the Song of Spring Break, for the majority of young people, with Pause Débauche, some American students use this truce to participate in a humanitarian project and help the most disadvantaged groups. Thus, many organizations such as Habitat for Humanity see that volunteers are flocking (more than 10,000 each year). For example, after Hurricane Katrina devastated part of southeast Florida in 2006, more than 35,000 volunteers gathered to help with reconstruction efforts.