Spanish bank offers high-return deposits at Raisin

 Spanish bank offers high-return deposits at Raisin

Spanish bank offers
 Spanish bank offers high-return deposits at Raisin

Hationg Bank is an investment bank in China that has so far cooperated with Raisin through its Lisbon branch, where it is headquartered in Europe. Starting this week, the Spanish branch of Haitung Bank offers high-return deposits through the savings products platform. The Spanish branch of Heitong Bank is registered as a credit institution in the List of Bank of Spain entities, so the funds invested in its deposits are found and taxed in the country. What other developments does this change bring?

New annual interest rates in Haitung deposits

In this table, we offer new returns to Haitong deposits, above average in Spain (the average interest rate for Spanish term deposits is 0.02%). Haitung Bank's six-month deposit sits on profitability, but the annual interest rate on one and two-year deposits is now somewhat higher. A three-year deposit maintains its interest and a new deposit is added to the nine-month catalog:


April before



6-month deposit from Haitung Bank

0.46% April

0.25% April

Haitung Bank 9 months deposit


0.55% April

One-year deposit from Haitung Bank

0.71% April

0.75% Tai

Two-year deposit from Haitung Bank

0.91% April

0.96% April

3-year deposit from Haitung Bank

1% April

1% April

To open any of the deposits, you must be registered in Raisin. 100% online recruitment and renewal. In addition, to formalize the opening, it is necessary to send raisin proof of employment status or source of funds (payroll, work life report, income statement for the past year ...).

There is no need to process a residence certificate

Since the cooperating bank is a Spanish subsidiary, it is not necessary for the account holder to prove that he resides in Spain when opening the deposit to avoid paying taxes in the foreign country (as was the case before). Bonuses resulting from Hitung deposits in Spain are now taxed from 19%, eliminating this procedure.

Goodbye to early cancellation

Another new is that Haitong Bank no longer offers the possibility of early cancellation of deposit. Savers who decide to invest their savings in a bank product will not be able to recover them until the expiry of the term.

The thing that doesn't change is security. Haitung Bank deposits will continue to be guaranteed by the Portuguese Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD), which covers up to €100,000 per holder.