How much does electric car insurance cost ?

 How much does electric car insurance cost

A few years ago, electric cars seemed to be something of a fairly distant future. Today, the data shows that it has become a reality gaining more and more followers. During the first half of 2019, there was a 133% increase in electricity-only sales compared to the same period of the previous year. In 2018, registrations of these vehicles were about to double those recorded in 2017 and everything indicates that this trend will continue to rise in the coming years. 


electric car insurance
electric car insurance 

Although the penetration of environmental models in the market is very slow and does not represent a large proportion within the automotive group, it is interesting to note that sales are constant and that the figures for previous periods are exceeded. Unlike gasoline or diesel, electricity is a perfectly respectable fuel for the environment, as it does not produce any harmful emissions, which are fully suited to the sustainability policies that have been pursued in many cities 


Electric car price policy 

In addition to the purchase price, the absence of polluting gas emissions and the low cost of maintaining electric cars, another factor of concern to users is insurance. There is often a tendency to believe that the premium of these policies is much higher than in the case of models with a combustion engine, but the fact is that today's companies are equal to prices with conventional insurance, reaching the same cost in some cases. 


Initially, the high price of electric car insurance was mainly due to the high cost of the same insurance. In the same way, repairs needed by these car models are usually more expensive, in addition to replacing certain parts such as batteries or charging cables. However, both manufacturers and insurance companies have made the necessary adjustments so that the price is not a problem either at the time of the purchase decision or when insurethe car. 


Before choosing an insurance, it is always better to compare. Many companies offer users a very simple and intuitive tool to calculate the price of the policy, such as with MAPFRE, which can quickly detect the cost of insuring any vehicle through its website.


In addition to verifying the amount, you should not lose sight of the coverage and guarantees included. Often, the lower price is synonymous with excluding certain services, so it is advisable to review all the terms of the contract to see if you can get the necessary protection. 


Covers electric cars 

Under environmental car insurance, drivers can access the same types of policies as if it were a gasoline or diesel car. Although it is an electric model, the basic third party, the extended third party, the full third party, and all the risks with or without increase, are the same. 


The only difference with regard to environmental policy services is that users can access a series of other features, such as car location, recovery service in case of theft at no additional cost and automatic emergency assistance for accidents as well. . Besides, the rest of the coverage required to ensure the safety of the vehicle and its occupants remains identical: mandatory civil liability, travel assistance of one kilometer, windshield, broken windows, car fire, etc.