Solamerica promotes donations to support fight against COVID-19

Solamerica promotes donations to support fight against COVID-19

Brokers and employees can contribute through an exclusive platform, and besides partners, the insurance company contributes to the health system

The Health Director of millions of Brazilians, SulAmérica continues to support the community in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Among the measures proposed by the insurance company is to donate resources that will help provide more than 300 new beds for the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and to open a donation platform for the company's intermediaries and employees.

donations to support fight against Covid 19
Solamerica promotes donations to support fight against Covid 19

In São Paulo, with partners, 102 beds will be delivered to Santa Casa de Misericórdia, dedicated to the patient service of SUS (Unified Health System). You will be thinking of 72 beds and 30 beds for the intensive care unit (intensive care unit), which will be able to help more than 1,000 inpatients. In Rio de Janeiro, a 200-bed field hospital was donated, including 150 inpatient beds and 50 for intensive care, equipped with essential equipment for highly complex patients.

For Gabriel Portella, president of SulAmérica, We are facing a public health problem, at a time when we may all, without exception, need medical care and special care.  Gabriel says it's time for unity for the common good and collective thinking to overcome the CORONA virus. In this sense by uniting efforts we help take effective action to save lives. This joint donation demonstrates how strong we are together.

 the cost of inputs for three months. The first 20 beds will be delivered from Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo, the largest charity hospital in Latin America, within ten days. In Rio de Janeiro, the field hospital will be built at the site that hosts Parque dos Atletico, an area with a high incidence of disease and a large population. The hospital must be fully operational within 30 days.

In São Paulo, SulAmérica joined Rede D'Or and Qualicorp so that the repair of the Santa Casa family could be carried out. In Rio de Janeiro, coordinated by Rede D'Or São Luiz, in addition to SulAmérica, participated in the Stone Payments project, Mubadala, Qualicorp, Vale, Movimento União Rio and Banco BV.

Donation platform

SulAmérica has also opened a platform where brokers and staff can make donations from R$20 until April 17. The amount collected will be invested on two fronts: FioCruz's research on COVID-19 and the purchase of personal protective equipment via Comunitas for health professionals. Upon completion of the staff donation, SulAmérica will make a matching (donation promotion) that can be up to 20 times the amount raised.

"We have implemented many procedures to take care of our beneficiaries, partners and staff, and now we will support research and health professionals. "Solidarity is one of our values, and therefore we take this action of engagement with our employees," says Patricia Coimbra, Vice President of Human Capital, Management and Sustainability at SulAmérica. André Lozana, vice president of commercial and marketing company, adds: "We are also opening a platform for donations from insurance brokers, where many have expressed their willingness to help, but they did not know how."

Donations to the Emergency Health Fund - CORONAV BRRUS BRASIL can be made anonymously by staff and insurance brokers through the Bsocial platform. The Emergency Fund was created by a group of civil society leaders committed to social investment and has two main objectives: mobilizing the Brazilian charitable community to donate to strengthen the public health system and creating a quick, easy and reliable channel to deal with those funds. Resources reach public hospitals and science and technology institutions.

SulAmérica procedures during the pandemic

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, SulAmérica has taken a series of measures to take care of collaborators, beneficiaries, mediators, partners and the community. Among them are:

· Remote work (home office or homework) for all qualified workforces and third parties;

· Maintaining already planned contracts and participating in the #naodemita;

· Cancel travel and postpone events.

· Close offices with operations review to maintain the process.

· Unlimited access for beneficiaries to use the "Doctor on Screen" service (video conference with a doctor) through the application "SolAmericaSide", in addition to expanding the program with the approval of telemedicine;

· Create an exclusive phone channel for coronavirus with unlimited access, produce relevant content, and initial health assessment by artificial intelligence via WhatsApp;

· Exclusive sites for brokers and beneficiaries with all the information necessary for business continuity and services.

· Expand the service of the on-screen psychologist (tele-sessions) to all its beneficiaries.