Top 10 Billion Thanosis Donation in the United States

 Top 10 Billion Thanosis Donation in the United States


In less than a year, Mackenzie has donated more than everyone, except for lifetime donations from five of the nation's top philanthropists.

Donation in the United States
 Top 10 Billion Thanosis Donation in the United States

In the midst of the epidemic, many top U.S. benefactors opened their wallets to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the impact of the health crisis. No one has donated more than McKenzie Scott, who has invaded the world of philanthropy since she ended her 2019 divorce from Jeff Bezos.

Small charities across the United States suddenly found themselves cashing checks from one of the great tech riches. "I'm still trying to get rid of my jaw," the CEO of Goodwill Industries in North Florida, who received $10 million from MacKenzie, told local media. The pace and scope of charitable giving is impressive. In less than a year, as an openly active philanthropist, she made more than everyone else, except for lifetime donations from five of the nation's largest donors, according to Forbes calculations.

Other major donors to The Causes of Coved disease include Bill and Melinda Gates, whose foundation has been at the Vaccine Research Center for years and has pledged $1.75 billion over 24 months to mitigate the consequences of the epidemic. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has donated nearly $330 million to covid-19 funds. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has allocated at least $100 million.

In a year also marked by political turmoil, some names - including Zuckerberg and investor George Soros - have invested a lot of money in pro-democracy causes. Others continue to focus on long-term challenges, such as poverty reduction and the fight against climate change.

In total, the 25 billion billionaires on the full list of philanthropists have donated nearly $149 billion to charity over the course of their lives so far. And they have a lot ahead of them, with a total wealth of $799 billion, according to Forbes calculations.

Our estimates take into account the total lifetime donations made by American billionaires made in dollars and direct to active philanthropic initiatives -- which means we don't include funds based in an institution that has yet to yield results. To this end, we also do not include pledges but have not yet been paid, or funds granted to donor-backed funds - opaque accounts with tax benefits that do not include disclosure or distribution criteria - unless the donor shares details about the grants that have already been paid. This is a list of individuals and spouses of U.S. citizens;

1. Warren Buffett

Donation Focus: Health and Poverty Reduction

Net wealth: $88.8 billion

Lifetime donations: $42.8 billion

The legendary investor's mission continues to donate more than 99% of his wealth. To date, more than $40 billion has been allocated - a large portion of annual grants to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where the amount has been allocated to poverty and health initiatives in the United States and developing countries. He also gave billions of shares to the four charities set up by his three sons and his late wife. Buffett said in 2010 when he created The Giving Pledge - an initiative aimed at persuading the world's billionaires to donate in: "My attitude and my family's attitude in the face of our wonderful luck is not because of guilt, but gratitude." At least half of their wealth is for charity - along with Gates. "If we use more than 1% of our receipts for ourselves,