Compensation in the event of an accident in a supermarket

 Compensation in the event of an accident in a supermarket

accident in a supermarket
 Compensation in the event of an accident in a supermarket

Wet surface, high slab, drawer with loose tiles, or weak lighting. These are just some of the reasons why an accident can occur in the supermarket, both for the employees themselves or for customers. In most cases, the elements that pose the risk of falling or injury are the result of non-compliance with applicable regulations. 


It is important to bear in mind that when an accident occurs in a public institution, such as a bank, cinema, gym or supermarket, the most common thing is that the place specified in civil liability insurance to bear the appropriate compensation, unless the mistake of falling or hitting is exclusively from the person who has been exposed to it. Outside of the latter case, it is possible to claim compensation for the personal damage caused. 


The standard governing the right to compensation in the event of injuries in the supermarket is the Technical Building Act, through which the basic requirements that the building must meet are regulated to ensure the safety of the people. This code also includes a compensation account for these reasons. 


How do you claim compensation for an incident at the supermarket? 

Only at the time of the incident, it is appropriate to file a lawsuit in the same commercial building to record the fact that the responsible staff have the possibility to manage the situation before reaching the judicial road. 


However, in the event that no response is received from the institution, in order to claim compensation for injuries after an accident in the supermarket, it is necessary to justify the situation. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain some documentary evidence to prove that the accident occurred because the conditions of the facility were not safe for people to pass. In this sense, it is very practical to take pictures of the area where the damage occurred. 


In addition to the chart, it is recommended to keep your ticket or invoice in case of a purchase. Besides the request, the emergency service part must also be accompanied by a need for their help or a taxi ticket if this mode of transport is chosen to go to the emergency room. 


Medical reports identifying injuries, as well as treatments and interventions, if any, constitute evidence for seeking compensation for an accident. The request must update the injured person's data, location of the fall, the date and causes of the accident and a brief description of the incident. 


l Calculation of compensation, especially when the consequences are very serious, the assistance of a medical expert is needed to issue a report where the value of personal damages after having studied history is required. 


It is important to remember that in order to exercise liability, a series of requirements must be met: that there is an act of negligence or omission that leads to harm, that behave in a manner that endangers the safety of persons and that there is damage as a result of the above procedure.