Bay responds likewise: Beyoncé makes millions of charitable donations

Bay responds likewise: Beyoncé makes millions of charitable donations

Beyoncé makes millions
Bay responds likewise: Beyoncé makes millions of charitable donations

Whether you love her because of her plans at the top of the charts, or despise her for her provocative and apostate performance, there's no denying that Beyonce Knowles-Carter is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, from her impressive musical career, which spanned nearly three decades, to her successful box office series, Ms. Carter has repeatedly proved to be a fierce financial rival. Perhaps the most impressive is his list of charitable efforts. Without the majority's knowledge, the artist has become a good actor over the years. We've all heard about the holiday and the luxury houses the artist bought, but how much did you spend helping others? That's a great question!

Survivor Foundation

The Survivor Foundation was created by Beyonce and her former Destiny Child companion, Kelly Rowland, to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina. The foundation raised millions to help feed, dress and raise the morale of the victims of that famous catastrophic storm. In addition, she also donated another $100,000 to the Gulf Coast Ike Fund to help victims.

Houston Charity

Another noble effort, the actress donated more than $7 million to help create the Knowles-Timinos Place Apartments, a 43-person apartment building and shelters for those who will live on the streets. The facility helps by providing food, work preparation programs, HIV/AIDS testing and case management, in a general effort to help people recover.

Haitian Creole

One of the most devastating natural disasters of this century, the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2009 changed the lives of millions indefinitely. In a clearer note, It was reported that Mrs. Carter donated about $1 million to the state, to help with clean-up and reconstruction efforts. In addition, she recently visited Haiti to talk to victims, assess relief efforts, raise morale and donate coloring books to children.


Last but not least, the artist, along with her famous husband Jay-Z, donated tens of thousands of dollars to help save protesters from police brutality, both in Ferguson and Baltimore. An epic move by Carter, as many bail values were considered excessive and that most of the defendants would not be able to pay them.

Beyoncé is said to have donated large sums of money to many charities on many occasions. Although we are now aware of many of her secret charitable efforts, there is no way to know how many other reasons the Queen may have contributed to you quietly. keep an eye out, for you never know  where Mrs. Carter's generosity will come from! doctors without borders donate